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Whole Foods Oxnard now On-Hold Foods

15th July 2009

According to the Star, Developer Shea Homes has blamed the economy for putting the new Whole Foods and other retail outlets at “The Collection” in Oxnard on hold until late 2010.   Oh, the economy – easy scapegoat for all the bad planning of the last few years.  I guess adding retail space to a city with plenty of large, empty spaces (Circuit City, Home Depot, CompUSA, etc.) isn’t too blame, right?  And maybe building a high-end food store in a community struggling to sell $300,000 homes and in a city where the median income is the lowest in the county wasn’t the best idea either.  Whatever the reason, that half-built eyesore will now sit there on the 101 deteriorating for over a year.   Whole Foods still lists Oxnard as a store “in development”, but a year from now who knows… I wouldn’t be surprised to see it become the county’s nicest 99-cent store.  Hope I’m wrong.

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