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We need a second Trader Joe's in Ventura

23rd July 2009

One of the things I like most about Trader Joe’s is that just about every time I go there I find something new.  Even on shelves I’ve passed dozens of times I’ll find something that I somehow missed before.  I also enjoy talking to other shoppers about favorite items and looking to see what’s in their carts. Of course to do this you need to be able to take your time so you can look around.  Have you tried doing that at the TJ’s on Victoria lately?  It’s become impossible.  Baskets are everywhere, lines are long (spilling into the aisles) and the bells are ringing.  And the only thing I’ll say about the parking is if you think it’s bad now, wait until the dreaded WalMart shows up.

Is it any surprise that this has happened?  Our Trader Joe’s serves not only all of Ventura, but Ojai, Carpinteria, most of Oxnard and Port Hueneme.  Santa Barbara on the other hand has three stores.  And if you go up the hill to the other Ventura County, you’ll find four.

So here’s my proposal:  Open a new Trader Joe’s in the old Circuit City store behind the mall.  In doing so you’ll remove a blight from the Ventura landscape (just like Wood Ranch did recently) and you’ll have plenty of parking.  I would rather see a TJ’s in downtown Ventura (as would our Ojai and Carpinteria friends) but I understand they thoroughly researched that and couldn’t find a solution for the parking situation.

Time to get on it TJ’s!  Fresh and Easy cometh…

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