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I'm movin' my money to Ventura

28th January 2010

In an effort to live more locally, I have decided to fire Chase bank.  The people there at my local branch are very nice and I know they’re local residents just like me.  Also I have no ill will towards how I’ve been treated by Chase.  But having my money there feels like an abusive relationship:  I add money to my accounts which they then leverage to fuel lobbyists in DC that do not have my best interests at heart.  Granted, moving my paltry accounts aren’t going to put Chase out of business, but it makes me feel good. So today I’m moving my personal and business accounts to Ventura County Credit Union.  I won’t go into my reasons for picking that bank out of the several good local banks we have because I don’t want this to sound like an advertisement.  But they do have a cool new ATM vestibule downtown next to the theater.  =)

This whole idea came from a grassroots movement I read about called Move Your Money.   Take a look at their website and see if you agree.   I personally was tired of being an accomplice in the malice occurring on Wall Street.  And I’m happy my little bit of money is staying in Ventura County.

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