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Free-range natural chicken in Ventura County

31st January 2010

I just had the best chicken I’ve ever tasted.   Was it the actual flavor of the chicken, or was it my mind telling me it tasted better because it was raised on a real farm and not in a processing plant?  Well, either way I can tell you it was delicious and I highly recommend it.  I ordered it from Healthy Family Farms and then picked it up at the Ojai Farmers Market.   I think it was $5/pound, so it wasn’t a huge increase over Trader Joe’s.  The farm is in Santa Paula and they’re open on Sundays, so I’m looking forward to visiting.  They also have beef, pork, eggs, ducks and goat cheese which I hope to try when I visit.  I’ll post an update after I do.

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  • HerbyN
    Posted at 11:51 am April 20, 2010
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    great post. i recently tried their eggs and chicken and i found them both to be better than similar product sold at area farmer’s markets. makes one wonder if the other operations claiming to have “fresh” free-range eggs and poultry are really on the up and up. anyway, i too would recommend healthy family farms and look forward to your “update” posting after you have tried some of their other items or make that visit to their operation.