Buying 100% grass-fed beef in Ventura County

Buying 100% grass-fed beef in Ventura County

I’m trying to pull together a list of places in Ventura County that offer 100% grass-fed beef.  I’m hoping to list restaurants and markets, so if you know of any please add to the list via the comments section.  I only want to list 100% grass-fed, though… there are some labels that are misleading.  I’ve seen some that say “Grass Finished”, which could mean they are 100%, or could mean they let the cow out to graze for a couple of days before slaughter.  Also at Trader Joe’s they have “100% Vegetarian Fed” beef… that’s great to know they didn’t serve the cow meat (a leading cause of mad cow disease), but it says nothing about being grass fed.  Stuffing a cow full of corn on a feedlot qualifies as “100% Vegetarian Fed” but it’s also 100% cruel.  I’ll keep adding to this list as I find more:


  • Rainbow Bridge in Ojai
  • Trader Joe’s does have 100% grass fed ground beef.  Check the label carefully though!
  • Nick Ranch (online ordering)
  • Novy Ranches
  • Lassen’s – however I personally will not shop there because they supported Prop 8 in the store’s name.


4 thoughts on “Buying 100% grass-fed beef in Ventura County

  1. Vallarta Supermarkets sells grass fed beef. I’ve called them about this and found out that the meat labeled “from Mexico” is from grass fed cows.

    I heard COSTCO sells it also.

  2. Thanks for the great info. It may be selfish, but my family’s health is more important than any political agendas. It’s nice knowing that I have options.

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