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Chi Massage – Best reason yet to drive to Thousand Oaks

13th March 2010

I stumbled onto Chi Massage a few weeks ago and I’ve been singing their praises ever since.  They’re a small massage store in the Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks and they give the best reflexology foot massages I’ve found outside LA.  They don’t seem really busy most of the time and their rent can’t be cheap so I’m concerned about them.  I hope if you read this you’ll go spend $20 and get the best chair massage around.  Then you’ll be hooked like I am.

This is TOTALLY different than the guys at the Ventura Mall who beat the hell out of you for $20 and call it massage.  What are their credentials anyway?  I still think most of those Chinese chair massage kiosks are a front for human traffickers who smuggle people in from China and then make them work in a mall massage for a few years to pay off their debt.  And the more they see ugly Americans eating at CPK and wasting money at Old Navy the harder they hit us during the “massage”.  But I digress…

The lady that runs Chi is a doctor from China and she really seems to know what she’s doing.  If you have any pain during the foot massage she’ll tell you what that means… stomach problem, ear ache, etc.  Very cool.  They do table massages, foot massages and reflexology and the prices are pretty good.  The reflexology package is $35 and comes with a 10 minute chair massage, 30 minute foot massage, foot bath and tea.

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  • Robert
    Posted at 7:06 pm March 24, 2010
    Reply Author

    I totally agree. They are great, my daughter is 6 years old and has dance practice everyday. I have taken her to Chi for massage and she sleeps well and feels great.

    I personally have experienced the reflexology package from Chi and have felt great ever since. Just recently I felt shoulder pain and explained it to the lady who runs Chi, the pain was gone by the end of my visit.

    As a local business owner I would highly recommend Chi to anyone who suffers from headaches, allergies, etc. I am glad the Thousand Oaks Mall allowed them to come in.

  • marc
    Posted at 6:19 pm April 1, 2010
    Reply Author

    the best in the county the doctor really know i took my wife for her birthday and she loved it. we are coming back for sure 100% thank you chi we luv u. peter has super strong hands and he hits the right spots.

    really well done

    thanks again
    i would suggest this place to anyone
    marc and natalia
    went to a place in newbury park overpriced not a good job
    chi well priced and a perfect massage