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Arroyo Verde Dog Park in Danger of Closing?

24th March 2010

I hope this isn’t true because that dog park one of my favorite things about living in Ventura.   Especially now that the old man from Oxnard with the two mean poodles has stopped coming!  Hopefully he died in his house and the poodles ate him before being rescued to a home that rehabs mean poodles.

Anyway…. I took my lab there this week and saw the sign that’s pictured here.  Hopefully it’s only an alarmist message.  I truly think that if they stopped allowing off-leash dogs between 6-9am it would have NO IMPACT on the amount of poop left around the park.  That’s because the people there between 6-9am are the most conscientious dog owners I’ve ever seen.  They not only pick up after their own pets, they announce when a dog is taking care of business so that owner doesn’t miss it.  It’s not unusual to hear “Big Yellow Lab Pooping!” shouted out while there.

So please, Ventura, don’t stop allowing off-leash dogs at Arroyo Verde! You’re punishing the wrong people and I promise you it won’t solve anything except making Ventura less livable.

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