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Melville Winery Announces New Wine Club

28th September 2010

At last!  Melville, one of my favorite central coast wineries, has announced they’re adding a wine club.  If you haven’t had one of their light, flavorful pinots you’re really missing out.    So many pinot noirs have started tasting like syrah lately as the wineries chase reviewers like Robert Parker who prefer big, full-bodied wines.  In fact I just read in the October issue of Sunset that a wine only has to be comprised of 75% pinot noir grapes to be called a pinot!  So it can be up to 25% syrah, mourvedre, etc. and still just be labeled a pinot noir.

This isn’t the case with Melville.  Their pinots are balanced and full of delicate flavor.  You can get their estate pinots at the Ventura Wine Company for around $25 a bottle, but if you really want to experience Melville head out to the winery and get a bottle of the Terraces pinot.  Fantastic!  Take lunch with you too as they have one of the best tasting rooms for a picnic.

Anyway, back to the wine club.  According to the email they sent out today it’s free to join and they’re going to send three shipments a year.  You can either receive 3, 6 or 12 bottles per shipment.  I didn’t find any info on their website about this yet so it may not be released to the general public.  Give them a call though and I’m sure they’ll help you out.  Cheers!

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