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They're planting trees at the River Park Mall

4th November 2010

So it’s become an annual tradition around here… about the same time that the pumpkin patches start to show up in the fields, the weather turns warmer and the sign on the River Park Collection Mall that reads “Opening Fall 20xx” changes to another year.   This year was no different.  We won’t be buying any organic turkeys at Whole Foods this Thanksgiving… we’re going to have to wait until 2011 now.  Although this year they actually did something more than just change the sign:  They planted trees in the parking lot!  Is this an elaborate hoax or a sign that they may actually be opening next year?  Time will tell…  Until then the biggest blank canvas for local graffiti artists remains.

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  • Cody Sayre
    Posted at 10:04 pm May 10, 2011
    Cody Sayre
    Reply Author

    I actually lived in River Park for a year and was excited for this, now I haven’t lived there in over a year and it still doesn’t exist. Any idea what’s going on with them?