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Ventura Wine Walk Gets an A for Effort

6th December 2010

Ventura hosted a First Annual Winter Wine Walk last Saturday and it appeared to be a success.  Kudos to whoever came up with the idea! It’s a great way to pull people downtown and show them all the different shops and restaurants they may not have known existed. I sincerely hope it was successful enough to warrant a “second annual” version.

While I give the team involved an “A” for effort, I have to give a “D” for the rather poor execution. Here’s what I hope they do differently next year:

  1. Have more than one place to pick up and purchase tickets.  This should be obvious to anyone who saw the line stretching down California Street.  There were advance ticket sales online so surely someone had an idea of the tsunami of oenophiles that were heading their way that night.
  2. A little plastic cup Dixie cup… really?  How about a commemorative glass, or at least a plastic cup that resembles a wine glass?
  3. Someone needs to control the quality of the wine.  While I was thrilled to see Melville involved, that was quickly overshadowed by the swill that was being poured at most of the other venues.
  4. Make sure the store owners have enough wine.  Again, advanced ticket sales info should be shared with them so they know what’s coming.

I hope those suggestions are taken as constructively as they were meant.  I look forward to next year’s event and to this becoming a new Ventura holiday tradition.  Cheers!

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