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Healthy Family Farms Launches Online Store

11th January 2011

Good news – Healthy Family Farms has made it even easier to order locally-raised and humanely harvested beef, chicken and poultry. They’ve launched their online store at where you can place your order for pick up and some of the area farmer’s markets. I’ve visited the farm which is located right here in Ventura, and I was blown away by the commitment and professionalism of everyone involved.  They have open houses once in a while and I highly recommend trying to make it to one.  When was the last time you visited the farm where your dinner was raised?  Here you can do just that, and lie in the grass listening to the sounds of all the happy animals.  Of course if you buy your meat at Von’s the last thing you’d probably want to do is actually see where it comes from…

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  • Tommy
    Posted at 7:20 pm March 20, 2011
    Reply Author

    Is Healthy Family Farms legit? There seems to be evidence they are or have scamming/scammed people… basically relabeling/repackaging commercial chickens as pasture raised. A full report with loads of evidence can be found on this website:

    • admin
      Posted at 5:37 pm March 23, 2011
      Reply Author

      Tommy – thank you for sending that link. I’ve looked at the site you referenced and I find it troubling to say the least. I hope that someone from Healthy Family Farms reads this post and responds to the allegations.