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Beach House Tacos gets it right!

27th January 2011

Beach House Tacos in VenturaIt’s funny when something comes a long that you didn’t realize you needed so badly.   When Beach House Tacos opened where the old burger and bait shack used to be on the Ventura Pier I didn’t think much of it.   Then last week I was biking down the boardwalk with a friend and we stopped at the pier and realized we were really hungry.  I had never noticed that there really isn’t a quick cheap restaurant nearby.  At least not one where I would be willing to eat – the aforementioned burger and bait shack was never an option.

So we checked out the menu at Beach House.  What a great find!  The fish tacos are around $3 and you can choose grilled or fried in a few different variations.  I loved the Specialty taco with fried fish… the fish is lightly battered and not greasy at all.  The lettuce and fresh salsa really round it out nicely.   The Shrimp tacos had huge cubes of avocado, fresh lettuce and cherrySpecialty Fish TacoShrimp Taco tomatoes.  Not what you usually find in fish tacos but it works – they really get it right.  The only thing I had that I didn’t care for are their chips… but that’s a personal preference.  They use the thick tortillas that are almost like pitas for their chips and I prefer the lighter type.  And if you see “spicy garlic shrimp” tacos on the menu be warned – they are REALLY spicy.  They’re covered in seeds from the peppers.  I also don’t recommend the “traditional” tacos.  All you get is three tortillas and a spoonful of meat.  Not very interesting considering how great the other tacos are.

Can’t wait to go back!  I may even start riding my bike more just to stop here for a $3 taco. =)

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