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Taqueria Vallarta – Taste the Mojo!

24th March 2011

Taqueria Vallarta of Ventura CAWhen I moved to Ventura in 2006 one of the things I liked most was how the downtown district had a good mix of old and new. Sure you could buy a $25 candle or modern table at Fusion Home, but then you walk outside and see the “Retarded Children’s Thrift Shop” across the street.  Yin and Yang – It’s a great mix that’s hard to find in other cities.  Well in 5 short years the thrift shop has been renamed, an Urban Outfitters has opened and the times they are a changin’ fast.

Except at Taqueria Vallarta.  Step in here and you are transported to what I imagine Ventura must’ve been like 40 years ago.  In fact I don’t think the sign out front has been painted since then, which is awesome.  The food tastes great and there is no facade that what you’re eating is even remotely healthy. Not like at Chili’s where they put a whole wheat bun on a 2,000 calorie burger and try to convince you you’re eating well.  There’s even some gloriously unhealthy choices here for vegetarians – I love their chile relleno burrito and it goes great with chips, salsa and a bottle of Mexican Coke with real sugar.   So simple and so good.

The people at Taqueria Vallarta unapologetically cook great tasting food that’s probably not good for you, but if you can’t exercise moderation well that’s your own fault.  The staff here is too busy cranking out food to worry about tricking you into thinking it’s good for you.  And it’s enjoyed by day laborers and businesspeople sitting side by side sharing the same big bottle of Tapatio.  Perfection.


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