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Keep the Ventura Parking Meters and Move On

21st July 2011

I can’t believe someone was motivated enough to collect 10,000 signatures to force an expensive ballot initiative to remove the $1/hour parking meters.  In reading about this in the local rags it appears there are two groups who say the parking meters are ruining their lives:  Some downtown merchants and some downtown shoppers.  It seems to me that the problem isn’t the parking meters – they’re just being blamed for other shortcomings in those peoples’ lives.  Here’s my advice to both:

1.  Merchants:  If someone is not willing to pay $1 to park in front of your store or restaurant, and they are also not willing to walk a block or two to avoid paying said dollar, it means YOUR STORE SUCKS.  Sorry to put it in those terms, but that’s exactly what the market is telling you.  Do us all a favor and close up shop and move on.  How many gifts from heaven, thai/peru/sushi restaurants and sharp knives do we really need? You’re taking up valuable space in our downtown district.

2.  Shoppers:  There are still free parking spaces everywhere in downtown.  If the prospect of having to walk an entire block or two or three in order to enjoy a meal is too daunting that means you’re probably too fat and/or lazy to be eating out anyway.  That’s not the fault of the parking meters.  Stay home and skip a few meals!  How on earth could you reasonably say that you love going downtown and there are things there that you need, but the idea of paying ONE DOLLAR or walking a couple blocks keeps you from doing it.  Ridiculous.

OK that’s enough already.  I’ve spent more time on this than it deserves.

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  • J. Buccola
    Posted at 4:26 am July 22, 2011
    J. Buccola
    Reply Author

    Well said.

    Making the downtown area one that invites pedestrian traffic only benefits the merchants. This is why 90% of the merchants formally voted in favor of the meters and why most still support them.

    All the dixie-whistling coming out of the tea party is from that 10% that misses parking their car in front of the store.

    Convenient parking = the new tea party entitlement.