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Ventura Home Team’s First Donation!

23rd May 2012

I’m so excited about this!  Earlier this year I started Ventura Home Team, a new real estate company that aims to be the area’s first non-profit real estate brokerage.  After one of our clients buys or sells property, we pay the agent, pay the bills and then we give the rest away to a Ventura County non-profit organization.  Well, last week we had our first closing!  It was a small closing (~$200k), but after everybody was paid there was still $750 left on the table.  Our client said he’d like to see that money go to Make-A-Wish Tri-Counties, so today we headed over there with the check.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see this idea come to fruition.   I hope it’s the first of many checks we give to non-profits in Ventura County!  As we all know, every charity is seeing their state and federal funding slashed and it’s harder and harder to raise funds from the private sector in this economy.  So instead of sending our profits to a national real estate company’s headquarters in another state, we thought it would be better to create a local real estate company that puts the profits to use right here in Ventura County.  If you agree we hope you’ll work with us the next time you buy or sell property!  Visit for more info.  Cheers!

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