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97.5, why hast thou forsaken us for Air 1?

13th December 2012

KRUZ 97.5The only time I ever switched to terrestrial radio was to either listen to NPR or KRUZ 97.5 .   I loved 97.5 because they weren’t one of those top-40 stations that just play the same songs all the time.  They dug deep into some different types of music and introduced me to some great stuff.  I credit them with helping me discover Satellite by Guster, and for showing me that there was more to Jack Johnson than just that Bubbly Toes song that the other stations play.  And every once in a while when the sun was shining and the ocean looked especially blue they would roll out some Bob Marley.  You just never knew what was going to come out of your speakers but it always felt perfect for our Ventura vibe.

So imagine my surprise when I switched to 97.5 and heard something that sounded… well… artificial.  And then I heard some telling words in a song.  Words like “With your power” and “God” and “Lifting me up”.  Yep.  It was Christian “music”.  And it was awful.  KRUZ was dead and gone, and replaced by this crap.  It happened so quickly.  I didn’t even know they were sick and dying.  I felt so sad as I deleted 97.5 from my presets.

I wish there was a way to resurrect KRUZ.  Anyone have ideas?  I’ll do whatever I can to rid our airwaves of the scourge known as AIR-1 Radio.  They used to be called K-LORD but I guess that was too obvious, so it had to be AIR-1 so it sounds more mainstream.  I can only pray that they go out of business as quickly as possible.  Until then I’ll thank my God that I have XM and Pandora, so I can listen to music without an agenda.

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  • Rosie
    Posted at 10:34 pm February 20, 2013
    Reply Author

    Spot on! Laughed my ass off, thanks.