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So long Fresh & Easy, and thanks for all the fish…

23rd October 2015

Fresh and EasyWhat a bummer.  It seems like just yesterday that I was writing about Fresh and Easy opening their first store down the hill here in Ventura County (it was actually 5 years ago… good lord….).   And now we find out from Lisa McKinnon over at VCS that they’re officially closing the Ventura County stores down.   I’ll miss their prepared dinners that you could take home and just put right in the oven, especially the stuffed salmon (hence the headline).  Those prepared dinners were better than Trader Joe’s (sorry for the heresy) and cheaper than Whole Foods so they fit a good niche.  But the rest of the store was just a little… weird.  I can’t put my finger on it but there was an odd mix of pet food, soda, frozen food and yogurt.  Maybe that’s why I stopped going when they stopped sending out those $5 off $20 coupons.  But I think the main reason I didn’t go very often was because there was no sense of discovery there like you get at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.  When I get to TJ’s one of the first places I go after I get a free thimble of coffee is the “New at TJ’s” section.  You never know what cool stuff you’re going to find – like bacon-flavored popcorn or beef jerky with South African smoke flavor.  F’n Easy never had that sense of adventure… it pretty much had the same thing every day.  Kind of like a bigger 7/11.  But I’ll still miss them.

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  • Daniel
    Posted at 2:13 pm May 11, 2016
    Reply Author

    Nice to see a blog about the local area! I too was also a little bummed that fresh and easy closed down.. But you’re right.. Something about the atmosphere was off..

    I wonder what that location will turn into next