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I Love Sushi

16th October 2008

5722 Telephone Rd. ($$)


I think some creativity is important at a sushi restaurant.  When I go to a new place and only see the usual tired suspects on the roll menu I have to leave.   And I don’t care how much they insist or how cute the waitress is when she says it:  Spicy Tuna Rolls are NOT Spicy!  Thankfully I found a home at I Love Sushi.  They have a very creative selection of fresh rolls on the white board behind the chefs, although it doesn’t seem to change much.  They also have really good Teriyaki and other non-sushi stuff in case you have a squeemish friend.  My 8-year-old son loves this place too, but his criteria is how many suckers are on the octopus sushi so I don’t know how reliable that gauge is.  It’s also fun after the meal to walk a couple doors down to the Latte 101 to see who’s playing and support a local coffee shop.


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