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Tutti’s off Main

16th October 2008
34 North Palm  ($$$) 


Sadly, Tutti’s is no more.  The place shut down in 2012. 

Tutti’s is a spectacular place to eat if you can do so on their patio.  I find the interior seating to be loud and a bit claustrophobic, but their garden is my favorite place in Ventura to eat al fresco.  The soft lighting and warm fireplace force you to take your time, enjoy the food and wine, and engage in some thoughtful conversation.  The food doesn’t disappoint either, especially the scallops on the tasting menu.  I only have two complaints about Tutti’s:

  • The wait can be really long for an outdoor table even if you have a reservation,
  • I hate saying the name to friends.  You suggest Tutti’s (Too-tees) to someone who’s never been there and you will always get a weird look.


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